Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 20 - Visit your local library.

Today's deed was to visit the local library, to be quite honest I wasn't quite sure why visiting the library is a good deed but I did it anyways. Since in my eyes there wasn't much "good" in visiting the library, I decided to take my little sister Stephanie with me; it shocked me that she didn't have a library card and rarely visited the public library. When she told me that I knew right away that she would be my good deed of the day.

On the way to the library I spoke to her about how important it is to read and stimulate her mind, we discussed books and I told her I wanted her to research and come up with a list of 5 books she really wanted to read. Once at the library we viewed books and I gave her ideas about what books she could put on her list, we also got her a library card which I told her she will be putting to use!

Going to the library today was a learning experience not only for my little sister but for me as well. I spoke to the lady working at the library and she advised me about all of the new things public libraries have that I had no idea about. Here are 4 cool things that public libraries across the country now have:

  1. Digital Books: They now offer e-books which you can borrow FREE of charge as long as you have a library card. The e-books require an electronic device which is called an e-reader but most libraries lend those out as well; how cool is that? I wish I would have had digital books growing up, the luxuries of being a millennium kid.
  2. Learn a New Language: Want to learn a new language or improve on one that you already know? Public libraries now offer not only books in every language but books and CD's to improve speaking and writing skills in specific languages. Who would have thought that libraries could be a great place to learn another language?
  3. Programs & Events for your Entire Family: You don't have to read a book to experience art and culture at your library, many libraries now sponsor and organize different types of programs and cultural events, such as concerts, and photography and film exhibitions. They even have summer programs for all ages, including computer classes, storytelling for children, fun and educational games as well as reading activities and more.
  4. Specialized Resources: Most libraries have a computer room for people to use the internet in a quiet relaxed environment. They also have highly skilled professionals that can help you find what you're looking for or can recommend books and resources for practically anything.
Although at the beginning of the day I believed the whole library thing was silly, after spending the day with my little munchkin and learning all those new things not only was I happy that I spent time with my little sissy but it made me extra happy that I could convince a 15 year old the library was a "cool and hip" spot. Not only did we love the library but we definitely want to return soon and go more often.

I hope that you make the decision to visit the library with your family soon and get involved with them! What's your list of books you would like to read? I would love to know!!♥

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