Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 19 - Strike up a conversation with the person working the cash register.

Today's deed was not at all difficult for me; I've never been the obnoxious, in a hurry girl. On the contrary I usually smile at every one and more times than not I ask the cashier at any store how their day is.

There's nothing ruder than someone who's at the store and totally ignores the cashier, I am sure the cashier didn't say when they we're little "when I grow up, I want to be a cashier"; no matter what job anyone has they are still a person with feelings.

Usually on the weekends I go to the fresh market to get some fresh fruits, I am totally obsessed with them and it's an issue. This Saturday it was pouring rain out, what I really wanted to do was lay in bed all day in PJ's eating cookies and watching movies but not only did I have a good deed to do, I also had to buy a yoga mat for yoga class the following day. I pulled it together, pulled my hair back and managed to get out of bed. Being that I was going to two different places, why not do two good deeds instead of one?

My first stop was the fresh market; I grabbed some fruits and went to the cashier. It was a middle aged woman whom was very friendly; I asked her how her day was going and if the rain was affecting customers coming in, not only was she very friendly but we managed to have a conversation for a couple minutes. She made me smile knowing that there are still friendly people who will converse with you. Second stop was Sport's Authority, there was a young guy working the register who was hilarious, he managed to talk about his annoying boss and co-workers, he gave me a good laugh and as I was walking away he told me that usually people are super uptight and thanks for making him smile, that comment totally made my day.

Although I usually do converse with whoever is working at the cash register, I'm sure I've had my hurried days where I am texting and not paying attention. I will definitely make it a point to at least ask how their day is going because I know it brightens up my day when someone asks me. Next time you're at the store you should make it a point to brighten the cashier's day as well, I'm sure they don't want to be there just as much as you don't, so take it easy on them and make them smile!!!

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