Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 15 - Hold the elevator door even if it will delay you.

I have always believed there is such a thing as elevator etiquette but I can't deny that as a nursing student there are days that I have class after work, I'm exhausted and in a terrible mood and if I see someone walking towards the elevator I look down as if I didn't see them and accidently let the door close, if they make it they make it, if not oh well. I'm not proud to admit that and I am pretty sure we have ALL done it once or twice so don't judge me.

We had a corporate visit today which means this last week or so has been pretty hectic, so today I woke up mentally drained (which is why a museum day this week will come in handy), I got to work and fortunately for me my office is on the first level but I still had to run around for most of the day including a morning trip to one of our tenants on the third floor. There I stood, a bit groggily, there we're customers waiting for the elevator as well and when the car finally arrived most seemed in a hurry to jump in. Knowing my deed of the day, I waited towards the front to see if anyone was going to come running, that way I could hold the door open and get it over with but unfortunately no one came running. Later on while at the mall I was in a hurry, I was on my lunch break and was running late back to the office, I got into the elevator and as I was pressing the "Close Door" button I saw a lady running towards the elevator. Although I was in a complete hurry, I stood in front of the door and held it for her almost falling down due to the weight of the door. When she finally got in she was so grateful and thanked me twice which actually made me happy and made me want to do it more often.

I started thinking afterwards and point is, okay let's say you've been waiting for the elevator for what seems like forever, the reality is it's only been 30 seconds, breath, take it easy and be polite. It's sad that we live in a society that everyone thinks everyone's mean, one polite person can change your point of view on everyone, I'm sure you've used the line before "wow, there are good people left in this world", we all have. Wouldn't you want to be the person who they are talking about? Who changed their view on others? Be nice, niceness goes a long way. If someone smiles, SMILE BACK! If someone says hello, say it back, and hold the door for them, remember it's only 30 seconds of your life that can make an impression on someone for the rest of their lives!!!!

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