Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 16 - Spend no money today.

To be honest I am not quite sure why spending no money is a good deed. Today really taught me a lesson which was... read my deed beforehand so that I can plan ahead accordingly. I had no idea I could not spend money and brought no lunch to work, I was actually going to switch the deed for another day but my lucky savior came in hand, my little Stephanie Gonzalez also known as my little adopted sister.

She's actually been my number one follower and possibly the only person who reads my blog LOL. She refused to let me mess up the order of my deeds since I have been doing so good thus far, so she treated me to lunch. At the end of the day I reflected back on my deed and was actually really happy and grateful, I love spending time with her and talking to her so at the end of the day I appreciated my deed more because it gave me more "us" time.

I usually don't go a day without spending money and thought to myself why is this such a good deed? So I did some research on the internet and was astonished at my findings. People don't notice how much they spend on a daily basis, a Starbucks coffee here, lunch there, etc., all of those "small" purchases add up at the end of the day, and if you are doing it 7 days a week, just imagine! Not buying anything for a day makes you pause and think about what you buy. Do you really need that $3.00 game on your phone to pass the time or could you use that time more constructively? What you are essentially training yourself to do is to be aware of your daily impulse buys, which you can control more easily.

So after thinking about all of this, I will be inviting all of my friends and family, including YOU, to try not spending money for just one day. Just like having a gym buddy, group encouragement makes you accountable to others. With a little planning ahead of time, going a day without spending is a lot easier than you think. Also, there are a bunch of things in your city that you can do that are FREE and lots of fun, all you need to do is use your handy website Google and look it up, I googled "free things to do in Miami" and so many things came up. How many days could you go without spending money? I definitely learned a valuable lesson but knowing me I will go back to my spending ways tomorrow! ;)

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  1. aww Stephanie looks like such a wonderful friend to have! you are truly blesse to have an accountability partner like her. Loving your blog thus far!