Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 13 - Leave your change in the vending machine for the next person.

I know I am only 13 days into my Good Deed's project but I really believe that I have learned a lot of things that I didn't know before thus far. Doing kind things for others can sometimes be a defining moment of their day, turning a bad day around or setting the tone for a great day and it makes you feel good in the process. These acts have been my gift without expecting anything in return which is an amazing feeling. I never thought not expecting anything in return would actually feel good.

Today I drove around looking for a vending machine and ended up finding a soda vending machine in our local grocery store Publix. I purchased a soda for $0.75 and thought to myself a quarter wasn't sufficient change for someone else, so I added another two quarters to the change slot. Hopefully when the next person goes to purchase a soda and finds the change, they are inspired to pay it forward and do an act of kindness for another person. The little things, the sweet gestures, are fantastic gifts. Pay it forward.

"We can do no great things; only small things with great love." - Mother Theresa
***While writing this entry I came across a non-profit organization that's main purpose is to do good for others, they sell logo style cards which are a reminder and encourage others to perform an act of kindness, for example, perform an act of kindness and leave a DGT card behind, when the recipient of your deed sees the card, they'll know it's their turn to "pay it forward". The coolest part of all is that 100% of the proceeds go to supporting outreach efforts such as bringing yoga to at-risk youth, please take a moment to check them out and give a donation at

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  1. Great suggestion ...especially around train stations, I routinely see folks looking for change in the vending machines.