Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 50 - Start a birthday calendar to help you remember to mail cards.

As mentioned in previous deeds I've had to complete, sending a hand-written note, card, letter or anything for that matter is non-existent. In a world of texts, e-mails and technology, handwritten notes are getting rarer and rare because they require that heinous thing called "effort".

I have always been extremely old fashioned, growing up I remember how excited I would get whenever I would receive a card or letter in the mail. I felt so special and I just couldn't wait to open it; that feeling has always stayed with me and until this day I have a box filled with most cards that I’ve received, whenever I want to feel cherished, I open the box and take a walk down memory lane which always leaves me with a smile on my face. But hand written cards slowly stopped coming. Even today as an adult, when I check the mail and get a written card from someone, even if it's my dentist’s office thanking me for being their patient, I get a pang of happiness because they took time out of their day, even if it was paid time, to write me a personal thank you note.

Although we are living in a digital world, I am one of the rare people that still send hand-written thank you cards, holiday cards and birthday cards if I remember to; so of course when I saw today's deed I was kind of excited about it. I went out and bought a small calendar which fits in any bag and even slides into my daily planner. The hard part was finding out my friends and distant family members birthdays but thanks to the wonderful world of technology also known as Facebook, I am almost complete with this project.

If we could all agree on one thing it would be that we all love to feel special and/or treasured. I'm obviously not going to ask you to start a birthday calendar like I did because that's a big commitment to keep but I am asking if you have the opportunity to send a hand-written birthday card, please do, I guarantee the person on the receiving end will show you the upmost gratitude for your caring. There's still something to be said for taking the time to hand-write your thoughts - whether it be your feelings for a loved one, condolences for a friend who has experienced a loss, or a simple thank you to someone who has taken the time to help you with your career - and when you send that real letter or card, send it the old fashioned way, via-US Postal Service. Let's not lose the art of writing down our feelings completely, or our memories and sentiments will disappear into internet purgatory when our in-boxes automatically delete old files!♥

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