Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 49 - Make time to visit an art museum.

I was looking forward to today's deed more than usual; the reason being is that I have always been a fan of the arts. One of my New Year's Resolutions for 2013 was to do more things that I loved so I actually started taking painting classes which commence this upcoming weekend.
Unfortunately, unlike New York City, Miami does not have many art museums so I didn't have many options to choose from. Today I took the day off from work and visited MAM; the Miami Art Museum which many people don’t even know is located in Downtown Miami. The MAM is very tiny, factually only two rooms with a couple of photos and some small artwork (which I was not allowed to take pictures of). Thankfully, right next to the art museum was Miami’s History Museum which is much larger; if I would have driven all that way to see two small rooms with barely any art; I would not have been a happy camper. - As you can see from the pictures below, my day ended well; I learned a lot about how my city originated and the generations before mine which was amazing to see.

There are many reasons why you should visit an art museum near you, here are a few:

1) Art Museums inspire you. - The primary role of art museums is education through enlightenment. Art inspires your creative side and passion. Famous Artistic Director, MatthewDirst said it best when he said "great art stops us in our tracks, at best, it's both disorientating and irresistible". Art can unblock possibilities whether it be discovering a hidden talent or passion.

2) Art Museums make you smarter. - Art museums engage and educate the community. They hold events for all ages to brighten your horizons and intrigue your creative and artistic side. Aside from visiting local museums to explore; museums usually have tight partnerships with local schools in their area so that they can work together to enhance their curriculum. MAM for example has many programs for local schools in the Miami area including Teaching Artist's Visiting your Classroom and events the entire family can attend to get more involved in the arts. It's nearly impossible to exit an art museum without having gained any inspiration or insight during your visit.

3) Art Museums create amazing impact on people. - No words needed for this one, just watch the video.

Last but not least....

4) Art Museums are usually free or very inexpensive. - Several museums nationwide offer free admission for seniors and students and admission for general entrance are usually below $10.00. They also offer free admission during specified hours of the week and offer free events as well. For instance, MAM offers free admission to children and students along with a ton of free events. Not to mention most art museums have a nationwide Free Art Museum Day AND if you have Bank of America, they have a program called Museums on Us which allows cardholders free admission nationwide to 54 museums on the first weekend of each month.

So today, pick a random day in your calendar so that you can make time to broaden your horizons and spark your creative side by visiting a local art museum near you!!



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