Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 30 - Deliver something small and sweet to everyone on your team - midafternoon, just when everyone's energy wanes.

The funny thing about today's deed is that about two weeks ago I had a doctor's appointment and when I returned to the office I brought everyone cake slices from my favorite bakery. In other words, I performed the deed of the day two weeks ago without having any knowledge that it would be a deed of the day. I always do little things like that for everyone in the office or anyone I care about for that matter because a) I love to see people smile and b) I love the feeling when someone surprises me when I least expect it with something sweet.

Two weeks prior when everyone least expected it I told them an emergency had arisen on the property and I needed to meet with everyone as soon as possible in our office conference room. Quickly everyone arrived with worried looks on their faces (when I say everyone I am speaking about the three co-workers I work with me in my office); as soon as they arrived asking what happened with concern I informed them it was happy hour time and time to eat a piece of cake. Everyone smiled and laughed as they sat down and enjoyed 20 minutes of delicious cake, conversation and laughter.

Today on my lunch break I went to our local grocery store Publix and purchased the most delicious looking cupcakes in the entire bakery, when I arrived back in the office I requested a quick meeting in the conference room. This time around everyone knew what was going on and we're more than happy to come into the conference room. I gave everyone paper plates and napkins and let them choose the cupcake of their choice, the price for the cupcake was a picture of themselves holding their cupcake. We all put our busy schedules and to-do lists aside for 20 minutes and enjoyed each other’s company while enjoying a yummy cupcake. It was nice to take a mental break and not talk about work; instead we talked to each other for a bit. In the future, when everyone in your office is having a hectic, overwhelming day take a short drive to a nearby bakery and buy some treats for your team. I promise you not only will the mood change in the office but the cheerfulness and kindheartedness will rub off on everyone else and will completely switch the mood in your office. Not only that but I guarantee someone will surprise you on your worse day with something sweet to brighten your day up!!!♥♥♥

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