Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 63 - Make someone laugh.

It's been proven throughout the years that laughter is in fact the best medicine; it triggers healthy physical changes in the body, strengthens your immune system, and boosts your energy. Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh. Humor lightens up your burdens, inspires hopes, connects you to others, and keeps you grounded, focused, and alert.

As my deed of the day, instead of making someone close to me laugh, such as friends, co-workers, or family, I decided to make YOU (my readers) laugh; I figured I'd branch out since the people who are close to me are lucky enough to have my humor as part of their day to day life. Lol.
Okay so I'm actually not that funny when I'm put on the spot so I decided to find 15 pictures that are sure to make you laugh, or atleast smile....


If those pictures didn't make you laugh, click here for some health benefits from laughing. So today, share some laughter with someone else, so that you can both live a longer life! ;)

Life is better when you're laughing!♥

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