Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 81 - Tell your mom your favorite memory of her.

Have you ever noticed how a person's face lights up when you mention a memory of them, or ask them to tell you their favorite memory? Last night in my church small group one of the questions was 'what do you like hearing people talk about?' and when it came my turn to answer, I said I like to hear about people's happy moments, what they love; what they're passionate about; simply because when someone speaks about what makes them happy, their face radiates with light and their eyes shine brighter than the North Star - I can't tell you how much I love seeing people when they look like this.

There may be no love like a mother's love. As the first person you meet and come to know, moms hold a special place in our hearts. From reading to us before bed, tucked in all the way around like a 'butterfly sleeping in a cocoon', to kissing our boo boo's goodbye, mothers are our rock and solitude in an ever changing life. 

When I initially read today's deed, memories rushed through my head making me smile in disbelief that I could even recall those moments at such a young age. So many in fact that I found it is hard to choose just one. The following is my note to my mom:

Dear Momma,
When I look back on my life there are so many millions of little moments that you      have shared with me. You loved me, protected me, taught me and made me into the person that I am today. Through thick and thin, you were always there rooting me on.

There are so many things that I remember from my childhood. I remember collecting Disney ornaments every single year for our Christmas tree, oh how I would be so happy to add a new one to the tree. I remember the way your face shined whenever you received your favorite flowers, sun flowers. And, how could I forget you letting me turn your walk-in closet into a Barbie mansion? The selfless love and compassion you taught me to have for all living things, especially animals; there would not be one animal on the side of the street not rescued by you and placed in a loving home.
My list of memories can go on forever for how can you pick only one memory out of half a life time? But, if I did have to choose just one, I would pick the memories I have of every single year on the night before Christmas; in our PJ’s we'd go to the living room where the tree was placed and we would put out cookies and milk for Santa and grass for the reindeers. Normal children, like Danny, would usually wake up in the morning and run directly to the presents under the tree, not I - I would run straight to the table and I would be so excited when I would see the grass chewed and the cookies and milk half eaten that I would scream and jump for joy.

I cannot wait to someday have children of my own so that I can share with them everything you taught me.

My list can go on forever on how you made my life so much better by being in it, but instead I just want to end this note by saying I love you, I appreciate everything you've done and I can only hope to be half the mother you are until this day.

Thank you for the memories.
Your Princess

In a world where we only like to point out the bad instead of the good, the ugly instead of the pretty, and the sad instead of the happy; we never stop to really appreciate what we have, while we still have it. Today, I encourage you to write a little note to your mom with your favorite memory of her and just watch as her face lights up with joy. In fact, I say we make it a new tradition and write love notes to our cherished loved ones on a normal basis!

"All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother" –   Abraham Lincoln ©

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