Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 43 – Clean out your sweater drawer and take extras to a charity.

Whether you see them or not, homeless people are worldwide and they need your help. As mentioned in previous posts, studies have shown that homeless people aren’t necessarily lazy or drug addicts, most have mental illnesses in which they cannot care for themselves.

Many people complain on a daily basis that they don’t have this and they want that, but none really stop to appreciate what they really have, including myself.  Knowing my deed of the day, I started gathering things to donate last night and realized that I had so many clothes when some people only have the clothes on their back. While collecting articles of clothing I stopped making excuses, no I am not going to save that for a rainy day, the reality is that we are keeping articles of clothing that we don’t even use when someone would love to wear them every day. It wasn’t long before I cleaned out my entire closet and then raided my mom’s closet as well.
After doing my research, in the Miami area there are many organizations that would be thrilled in receiving donations, The Salvation Army Miami, Chapter 2 Clothing, BigBrothers/Big Sisters Organization and Miami Rescue Mission to name a few. The one I chose to donate too was the Miami Rescue Mission because they give to all types of people in need from children, to battered woman, to men and to animals. This deed opened my eyes and touched a sensitive place in my heart. Sometimes it’s easy to feel bad because you’re going through a tough time in life. However, remember that no matter how bad your situation may seem, there are tens of thousands of things to be grateful for.

Today, get into the Holiday season by giving back to those less fortunate than us. You may have clothes in your closet that you have not worn in years, stop making excuses and give them to someone who actually needs them. It can be anything from jeans that you are hoping to squeeze in to, a shirt that went out of fashion four years ago – and let’s face it, is NOT coming back into style, blankets, old towels that are not being used, etc. Believe me, ANYTHING helps!
It’s so easy to find charities that will even make it convenient for you and will even pass by your residence to pick them up which means you can’t make excuses like “wasting gas” to drive to the organizations or struggle carrying the items. Not to mention, most of these charities and non-profit organizations give you a receipt to get a tax break!
Whether you meet them or not, the homeless people who wear your donated clothes or use blankets will be thankful for your giving nature.
You can help at least one person in need by not even spending one cent, so stop making excuses and pay it forward. Every little bit helps, whether donating your time or donating items you have around the house that you don't use. Choosing charities within your own city will have a positive effect on your local surroundings. The effort needed to help a homeless person is far outweighed by the goodness you feel by knowing you have done a good deed without requiring anything in return. Go out there today and pay it forward!!!


  1. Hi Cindee! Whenever I think about a fellow blogger who hasn't posted in a while, they always seem to post a short time later. And today I thought about you!

    Also, I have some sweaters that are still good, and I considered donating them. Yet, just today, I thought perhaps I'll wear them again. But thanks to your post, I shall go ahead and donate them. You are right; there's no sense in saving clothes for "a rainy day." :)

    1. HI LINDA!!!!♥♥ You don’t know how much I appreciate your comment, thank you so much for motivating me to do more good deeds and write about them to encourage others.

      I’m not going to lie, we usually get so consumed in our own lives that we don’t make time for the important things; I started making excuses and stopped doing my deeds figuring no one would notice. But at the end of the day I am learning from the deeds and they are making me a better person so whether anyone notices or not I decided to continue and finish my project. And then I saw your comment and made me smile from ear to ear, thank you for reading my posts and paying it forward. Trust me, even if its only us two doing good deeds, we are making a difference!! Xxxxo beautiful! :)