Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 40 - Record a message or video and send to one of your grandparents.

As I have mentioned before in some of my previous post's, unfortunately for me I didn't have the "pleasure" of having grandparents growing up. On my mother's side, my grandmother passed away when my mother was a teenager and my grandfather lives in another country. On my father's side, I was a tad bit close with my grandfather (much more close than I was with my grandmother), but he passed away when I was little; so, all I have left is my grandmother.

I was never really close with her and I guess I can say I always held a grudge against her growing up. Now that she's older she wants to spend time with me, but for some reason, I cannot let go of my grudge. Deed's like today's deed are difficult, because not only do I have to let my guards down, but I have to let it down with someone I always tried to be tough with when I was older due to resentment. This good deed's project has really been making me grow as a person and cross bridges that I never wanted to cross.

I made a short video for my grandmother in which I will be attaching to this post but before sending it out in the mail I wanted to reach deep down and find what this deed was really doing for me and of course for others (in this case, my grandmother). What I learned frpm this deed is something that I already knew, this entire time I have been harboring resentment in my heart towards my grandmother; and the only thing that holding resentment does is hurt us emotionally and eventually physically. Resentment brings anger, bitterness, division and God does not want to share our heart with resentment. Unforgiveness is the greatest toxin we have stored in our body, and everyone deserves a second chance. And sometimes, people treat you a certain way because that's how they we're treated growing up.

If you have resentment in your heart ask God to replace your resentment with peace and love. Most importantly, whether your memories are good or bad, today take some time out to show your grandparents you're thinking about them and love them. You can send them a short video, a picture, or even just a simple phone call will do. Because you never know what tomorrow holds, a little gratitude goes a long way, so show them you care!!!!


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