Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 79 - Hold your tongue.

One of the biggest challenges for most people is struggling to hold their tongue; they rather have the last word, whether it’s good or bad. I've never had an issue in this department as I rather hold my tongue than lash out at someone; although, contrary to most, when it comes to my loved ones such as family and friends, holding my tongue is a piece of cake.

However, I do struggle with practicing what I preach; it doesn’t take much fuel to start a fire of complaints, and once those complaints come off of your lips the negative energy takes over your body. Rather than looking at the positives in life, most people tend to bring out the negative and that is a constant battle for me.

The truth is, we all complain, no matter how happy our lives are we still have those days where we can’t help but to grumble. Sometimes we complain without even realizing it and realistically it’s easier to complain about the situation than to do something to fix it. Over time I’ve realized that when you hold your tongue and put your mind toward a more positive outlook rather than complaining, not only do you feel better overall but you can think clearly to make the positive changes for the better.

Today, when asked how my day has been, instead of complaining about the horrible Miami traffic, or about the sales representative who made me wait in line for what seemed like forever, or even about the overflow of vendor e-mails and phone calls; I held my tongue and silently thought about how grateful I was to have a car to get me to work, money in my wallet to allow me to shop and to have such an amazing job which most wish they had. I will continue to practice what I preach because life is such a beautiful thing to waste, and things are taken from you in an instant – realizing how blessed we all truly are, changes our view on life and diffuses the negatives which aren’t really so bad after all.©


  1. This blog is so inspiring! I hope you start it back up again in 2014.

    1. Thanks so much Kim, your motivation inspired me to finish my vow so I have begun again for 2014. Xxxxxooo<3