Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 55 - Buy a nice water bottle, so you'll be less inclined to buy plastic bottles.

If you're anything like me, you're a fish throughout your work day. I go through water as if it’s going out of style, especially while at work. I drink up to at least a gallon of water on a normal work day so you can imagine how many plastic bottles of water I can go through.

Today’s deed of the day got me to research the contrary topic of plastic water bottles which most of us drink from on a normal day to day basis. I have always been one to think that bottled water is cleaner and healthier than drinking tap water or any other type of water but unlike contrary belief, bottled water is not healthier than regularfiltered water. In reality, bottled water is just water and not only is it costly and wasteful; but the plastic is also bad for our environment.

Although plastic is used on a daily basis just about everywhere in the world, a lot of people don't realize how harmful it really is to our environment. It takes forever to break down plastics and once it’s finally broken down, it separates into tiny toxic particles that contaminate the ground and water and ends up is most of our streams, oceans, and rivers which are then consumed by fish, those fish are later eaten by humans causing widespread harm. Not to mention, aquatic animals AND land animals eat it and suffocate, some also get it caught around their necks and bodies causing them to choke and/or suffer from it.

Some other bad effects from plastic are that it is made from oil, the less we use the more we preserve our natural resources. Also, plastic leaches into the water, liquids and foods that we eat and drink causing us to put toxins in our bodies.

It’s undeniable that we are going to use plastic in our daily lives BUT we can try to manage how much of it we use. The first step we should take is today's deed, instead of drinking numerous water bottles on a daily basis, buy a nice reusable water bottle and fill it up with filtered water instead. It's healthier for your body and you're saving the environment at the same time. As humans, it’s natural that we don't think about our future, but we should; why would we want to leave beautiful planet earth that has been so good to us, dirty and contaminated for our children and grandchildren? So today, go out there and buy a reusable water bottle and try to stop using so much plastic on an everyday basis, you can also click on this link to get ideas that will motivate you to move forward with the decision!!

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  1. You're so right - we can most definitely lessen our use of plastic. Once again, thank you for blogging about these things. You rock :)